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Guimaras island is gifted with pristine ideal place to escape and commune to nature.  To safeguard its delicate ecosystem and biodiversity, the design and constructions  materials  of eco-stay reconnects guests back to our true home earth  through:

1) Green architecture- the use of alternative building materials like bamboo A-huts  and  the Earth House from mix clay, rice straws and lime achieving the least carbon print. 

2) Natural furnishings - recycled palettes and biogradable structures beautify the interior brightened by natural light from bottle walls.

3) Off-the grid power and water supply- we harnessed the sun's energy for power.  Our water sourcing  from natural spring by the cliff is filtered for  drinking consumption while for the plants and trees  landscape  love the rainwater harvested .

4)  Waste management- aside from participating in the community recycling program, we  have set up our own the compost system turning food waste to soil food. The biotoilet converts waste into fuel and produces natural soil amendments  for fruit trees,  eventually inviting the birds and bees.

5) Greywater system- a kitchen/shower-to-landscape greywater system reuses water via natural biofilters of rocks and plant boxes .

6)    We opt for  "Climate  Pledge Friendly"  products for  toiletries and natural cleaning products  keeping toxic ingredients out of the ocean .  The basic necessities  provided are sustainably and ethically sourced.​

     So breathe... you got a home in us while living harmoniously with creatures of land and sea.  

Earth House

Experience low impact stay with "Earth House" settled at the limestone cliff to enjoy the panoramic view of Guisi beach.  Made of mix mud, clay and stones, it provides a thermal mass for  the temperature stability.  


  • Upcycled furnishings

  • 2 Queen beds

  • Living area

  • Dining area and wares

  • Toilet and shower

  • toiletries

  • Kitchen tools

  • Solar-powered basic electric appliances.

Can accommodate 2-4 persons.


Just show up prep free as the bamboo huts are all set -up with beds and chilling zone to enjoy the outdoor.


  • ​Beds and sleeping bags

  • Solar fans and lights

  • Picnic tables and  camping dining wares

  • Kitchen tools

  • Bonfire

  • Shower and toilet

Can accommodate 2 persons per hut.

Tent -Sites

Walk-in tent sites are available per first come basis for 1-2 guests


  • Tent rental

  • Picnic tables and camp dining wares

  • Bonfire 

  •  Solar fans and lights

    • water refill                                                    ​

FB_IMG_1656413728418 (1).jpg

We look forward to show you few of the campsite highlights like the  crystal clear water, unique rock formations and golden sands. Beyond it, we are happy to assist you with activities  and tours upon through  local guides assistance.   Whether you choose hiking,  water activities, food tripping,  masseuse service, or just lounge at the hammock  until stargazing hours, GreenWave has something for everyone.


Land tours 

  • Guisi Lighthouse

  • San Lorenzo Windmills

  • Town proper and plaza (smallest in the world)

  • Museum and Monastery 


Island/Beach hopping

  • Guisi beach

  • Buho Ramirez Cave

  • Turtle Island, Ave Maria, Nagtago Beach. Tatlong Pulo

  • Sad-Sad Falls and Ambacan Falls

  • Nueva Valencia Floating Cottage 


Farm Tour/ Marine Station 

The island rich soil provides different agricultural products :  

  • Mango plantations,  coffee/cacao farms, grape vineyards, calamansi farms and other organic tropical fruit orchards

  • Brgy Igang SEAFDEC Marine  Reserve

  • Farm-to-Table  or Sea-to-Table Culinary tours


Plus More

We are open for team building events or venues for special events, gatherings, and training classes, engagement photoshoots and the like.   Fancy a picnic to our mango farm (Igang)  or a beach picnic  by the cliff?  We can extend our services  per requests. including transport from Iloilo airport or wharf.

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