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About the island

The island province of Guimaras, known as the mango capital of the Philippines, is more than just a daytrip destination from Iloilo or Negros.  It features hidden gems of nature that unfortunately are negatively
impacted with over tourism. There is an increasing concern for sustainability in traveling and being conscious to one's impact to the community (local people and wildlife).  It is challenging to prioritize reduction of the impacts by practices, maintenance, and services yet the long term benefits is greater to protect our planet.  Our goal is to provide options of comfortable stay and array of experiences for travelers who like us are passionate  to protect the ecosystem while having one of the best vacations ever. 

Who We Are

Rekindling self-love or with love ones is a beautiful thing. Making fond memories with  new adventures or simply taking a break to  recharge are few  good
reasons for getaways.  GreenWave  family welcomes  guests whether
they  prefer  watching the best sunset in the island seated at our golden sand
beach or spend an active day of chasing fish in the crystal clear water. The range
of accommodations and experiences offered  vary per guests preferences as well as the hosting  needs.  We welcome you  to our  off-the-grid home.  Ready to unplug for this breathtaking  experience?   


Any Questions



VIBER +1-916-606-7202 




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